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          As a woman, I love Zhejiang-made jewelry, said Thuong, while choosing a natural pearl necklace at the fair for herself.
          Performers sung Chinese and English songs and played Chinese traditional musical instruments.
          It seems we have arrived not in a far-flung outpost of southeastern China, but in a picturesque rustic village nestled in central Europe.
          LibraryTaicang Library will provide children with many activities that require advanced reservations.
          After 5 years living in China, I have fewer difficulties with communicating in and with Chinese.
          Chinese governments efforts in tech innovation and achievements of Chinese companies such as Alibaba and Tencent form the reasons for China to top the list, according to Sophia Patsikas, lead researcher at Expert Market, as reported by Forbes.
          The visit will also see the fifth meeting between Xi and his South Korean President Park Geun-hye since both became the state leaders.
          Mao Anping says the late chairman never pursued selfish interest for his family or his home village during his lifetime.
          BEIJING - China and Arab nations should cooperate to fight terrorism, Chinese and Yemeni foreign ministers said on Wednesday.
          China is already more balanced: About 17 percent of investing partners are female and 80 percent have at least one woman.
          Local volunteers also helped.
          More than 60 of these respondents said they are not happy with the 10 programs in terms of their accessibility for the blind.
          The company manager, Guo Xianghua, was also sacked and expelled from the CPC.
          Patrick Low, former WTO economist, told a session on Hong Kong that rather than imposing binding agreements on nations, all partners should be in agreement.
          The recently launched Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the billion Silk Road Fund demonstrate that China is also exploring innovations in financing to promote the Belt and Road Initiative.
          A robot makes noodles at a restaurant in Chengan county, North Chinas Hebei province, Aug 16, 2013.
          In January, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, the nations top discipline watchdog, called for more whistle-blowers to use their real names, instead of online pseudonyms, when reporting disciplinary violations by government officials and promised to prioritize such tips.
          Work is ongoing at the repository to clear up the damage, after the fire was brought under control on Tuesday evening.
          China is going to be a very powerful, very rich, very influential country in our region, and were going to have to learn how to deal with it, White told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday.
          Chinese SOEs have become a field for the play of power and money and collusion between officials and businessmen.
          A 3,48-kilometer viaduct collapsed with a blast from the middle of the structure, May 18, 2013.
          The transportation of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan, is paralyzed.
          23-million-yuan profit in the corresponding period last year.
          Historically, our customers in Shenzhen were Shenzhen-Hong Kong customers.
          Working staff distribute packs in an express company in Hangzhou, East Chinas Jiangsu province, Nov 12, 2012.
          Liang Fengen spends his spare time chatting online with friends from around the country.
          A notice on the website of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage said on Thursday that both sides had active communication over the matter after the Pinault family made the announcement, and the two pieces were shipped to Beijing on the morning of June 25.
          Guo Xianghua, vice-general manager of the general management department at Shanghai Construction Groups No 4 Construction Company, was expelled from the Party and dismissed from the company.
          Anonymous whistleblowers whose identities could not be confirmed will not be rewarded, it said.
          Her son died after arriving in Changsha.
          To ensure the farmers profit from grain planting and the key production bases are active in encouraging farmers to plant grain, more efforts should be made to link agricultural subsidies with grain output, it said.
          Using software, Ma Lili, a 27-year old housewife living in Zhengzhou, Henan province, saved 500 yuan editing 30 wedding photos.
          Dont missCheck out cool new gadgets from CES 2014 Huawei talks up global goals at 2014 International CES.
          Interest rate liberalization would make it impossible for YuE Bao to make profits this way.
          The Beijing No 1 Detention Center, the largest temporary detention place for criminal suspects, provides air conditioners, floor heating, televisions and private bathrooms in cells.
          Tan gave birth to a boy on Aug 6, 2013.
          Top: Wuyuan, in Jiangxi province, is known for its idyllic landscape and abundance of cultural relics, like this roofed bridge dating to the Song Dynasty (960-1279).
          Some drinking water in the county has been tested so it can be drunk.
          Liu said the two leaders agreed to send strong signals to promote free trade and globalization in the upcoming China-EU Leaders Meeting.
          They are expected to reach where the miners are supposed to be at midnight, said an official with the office who declined to give his name.
          I felt so frustrated, he said.
          However, the buying and selling of trademarks has become an industrial chain in China.
          Suifenhe will hold activities every month this year, including an arts festival, summer camps, and a Halloween party.
          A growing number of pet-lovers in China have created a booming business, as more people pitch into pet beauty industry.
          [Photo provided to China Daily]Nothing quenches a thirst quite like the sting of ginger beer.
          She posed with the dog and the judge for a picture, which the photographer took with the help of a squeeze squawking carrot toy.
          Sun said it would take three more years to fully complete the excavation work.

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